Shipping and return policies for Daniel Lippert

Shipping Info
After payment is received, we ship out sound carriers via Swiss Post. We ship as fast as possible and as long as we have stock. We offer registered shipping only to prevent any loss during shipping.
Return Policy
Exchange or replacement because of dislike is not possible. Wrong delivery, transport damage and/or manufacturing errors are excluded. Our liability is limited solely to the replacement of the damaged item. All claims for rescission of contract or reduction of the purchase price are ruled out if a replacement of the damaged product can be delivered within an adequate period of time.
In the case of wrong delivery: any carrier of sound, picture or data can only be returned to us if the goods are undamaged and still in their original packaging. Manufacturing errors and wrong deliveries must be reported to asme music as quickly as possible.
Should the customer notice any damage to the packaging at the time of delivery, he must have a written confirmation of the damage by the transport operator or inform us within 48 hours in writing that he accepts the goods under reserve because of damaged packaging.
Any transport damages revealed after the unpacking of the received items have to be reported to us in writing immediately.
If it's not made possible for asme music to check or verify the defective goods or if the notice of defect was not submitted in written form at due date, absolutely no claims for free replacement can be made.
If the customer refuses to return the defective goods to us, or if asme music determines no damage at all or that the defect was caused by the customer himself, the replacement delivery will be charged to the customer.